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Happy Birthday Miles

Today my oldest son is a teenager! Wow, where has all the time flown to, and I can’t believe that its 13 years since I was going through my first labour with Dave and my sister by my side, all a bit scared and excited. Anyone who has had kids will know what I mean when you instantly fall in love with your baby, and that love grows and grows, and so does the worry that comes with being a parent. Everyone says, they grow up so fast.. and they do.. so I thought it would be good to look back at those early years and to show you just how cute Miles was. Now he is a handsome guy who is no doubt going to break many hearts 🙂

This is Miles when he was a week old, such a cute photo, with such a grown up expression

miles 1 week

This is him on one of his many trips to Robin Hoods Bay

miles 6 months

Here he is at a year old, again at Robin Hoods Bay

miles 1 year

A budding football star of the future maybe, this is Miles aged 2

miles 2

Back at the beach aged 3, alongside Ethan

miles 3

And looking cheeky aged 4

miles 4

Now a birthday post wouldn’t be complete without an “in the bath shot”. This is when Miles was 2 and just getting over chicken pox

miles 2 bath

So we have come a long way in 13 years and here’s to many more… wonder what the next 13 will hold? Finishing education, moving out of home, choosing a career path, maybe getting married, maybe even having his own kids … who knows but it will be fun watching him grow up.

Love you Miles xx

miles 13 gib
miles 13