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Happy Birthday Ethan

Happy Birthday Ethan!

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It’s my youngest son’s birthday and he is 7 today. Wow! It only seems like yesterday since he was a little baby and sometimes I forget how old he is getting and still treat him as my baby boy. I’m probably biased as him Mum but he is so gorgeous and so kind that it often surprises me just how caring he can be. He is clever and funny, loves to play football and play with is brother Miles, and always has time for a big cuddle which he is the champion at.

Ever since I had the boys life changed so much. Not only have you got a huge responsibility to look after your kids but you can’t help the massive maternal feeling inside that I don’t think will ever go away. I suppose its the natural instinct of protecting your offspring and ensuring they do well … dates back to the survival of the fittest I suppose.

We have been extremely lucky with Ethan and each birthday that Ethan has is a very happy occasion as he nearly didn’t reach his 3rd birthday. A few weeks before he turned 3 he was in intensive care at St James Hospital in Leeds with Meningitis and Meningococcal Septicemia (thats the red blotches) and we were told by the doctors to take it hour by hour and the outcome was uncertain. He was seriously ill and I still can’t believe that he fully recovered and the only evidence of that time are a few scars on his bottom where he had big blotches. We were extremely lucky that the amazing doctors did everything so quickly when he was first diagnosed and managed to save him. Ethan spent 4 days on a ventilator in intensive care and a further 10 days in hospital. It is because of our experiences with Ethan that it has driven us to get to where we are today.

So what’s Ethan doing on his birthday? Well it was presents and cards this morning, then he is spending the day at their holiday club they go as we still have to work and schools are off. After work there will be more presents at home and Dave’s family will coming round to share Ethan’s big chocolate cake.


  • David Fairhurst

    Happy Birthday Ethan!

    That’s a sad story with a great outcome given the seriousness of Meningitis. Can’t believe my daughter is 16 already. I’m starting to feel old! It’s just her propensity for downright dangerous sports I have to put up with!

  • Dave Naylor

    yer.. happy bath day little one 😉

    Becky I have had a thought about the ManU shirt problem. for the readers here I have been a Leeds Fan for many years (cough almost 30 years), and even though I have staff that are ManU fans, there is just something inside that can’t allow me to let him have a ManU shirt even though he really wants one. I did buy last week Miles a Celtic shirt and Ethan a Chelsea shirt and they have England, Bayern and Ireland shirts and every new Leeds shirt that comes out.. but ManU for the Love of all things that are Good in world, so lets put it to the Poll let your readers decide if he should be allowed one! :0


  • Nikki

    Difficult. Its where the heart lies. My seven yr old daughter won’t indulge in green as her dad is a hearts of midlothian supporter. I am not a football fan but have been brought up in England since I was 5 yrs old – but as a SCOT! So have that under – running (as does my daughter even though she is 7 and so will my eighteen month old son).

    My daughter will withstand any temperature , ‘because she is Scottish’ and no-one will tell her any different.

    Summers grandad is a ‘hibby’ – the choice will be made by the parent and then probably flipped by the chosen school (Summers grandad went to Tynecastle primary school and supported Hibbs – if u know anything about Scottish football – u -will know how adverse that is!!)

    cheers nikki

  • Frog

    Wow you share your birthday with the mother, 16th April is a good day! Happy birthday little one.

  • Elaine

    tricky – I think you’ll have to swallow this one – but only let him him wear it for bed:)

    Fingers crossed we don’t mess up this year!