My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby

Happy Birthday Cooper!

It’s Cooper’s birthday today … so lots of birthday wishes for him and “May the Fourth be with you” LOL
In honour of his Star War birthday date we gave him a fitting name, so his full name is Storm Cooper Chewbacca Naylor. Here’s a bit of a look back…yes, I dug out his baby photos 🙂

This is when we chose Cooper, when he was 5 days old. He seemed the most chilled out of the litter.
cooper 5 days old birthday

Once we had chosen him we visited every week so that he could get used to us a bit and it was so exciting for the kids to get to see him growing.
This is Cooper when he was 2 weeks old, just a little handful!
Cooper 2 weeks old

He was just under 8 weeks old when we brought him home and this was in his first days with us.
Cooper 8 weeks

We’ve had some great walks together, and one of my favourites was on Boxing Day when it was really frosty

cooper walking in winter

And here’s Cooper yesterday on our long walk to Studley Royal. He’s in training at the moment with a Figure of Eight lead to stop him from pulling which is working very well.

cooper aged 1 birthday

So Happy 1st Birthday to you Coops

Cooper 1 year old