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Happy Birthday B

Today B, who is my only remaining grandparent turns 90!

What a grand old age to reach, so a big congratulations to her (even though B will never see this post, as she has not ventured near the internet and finds it very hard to grasp what I do every day)

B lives in a little cottage at Robin Hoods Bay overlooking the sea and has lived there for about the last 20 years since my Grandad, Papa, passed away. A few of the cottages in Robin Hoods Bay have been in our family for the last 60 or so years so its a special place for us all.

My family have all been gathered at Robin Hoods Bay this weekend to celebrate B’s birthday, including my Uncle Richard who came back from Canada for the weekend. I have scheduled this post in to publish on Sunday, but I am writing it before we head off for the weekend, so I hope we are all having lots of fun 🙂

Here is B a few years ago on the beach at Robin Hoods Bay with Dave and the kids

b on the beach 2009

and here she is last year when we had our wedding vows renewed

b at the wedding 2

I have been busy organising a few surprises for the weekend including making a birthday banner and getting some wooden keepsake bees made for everyone

bee banner

as well as getting some cupcakes made

bee cupcakes

Oh, and if you’re wondering .. we all call her B as her name is Brenda and she thought that she was too young to be called “granny” or anything when we were kids. My kids don’t call her B, they call her Queenie B.