My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby

Happy Anniversary Dave xx

Today is 13 years since I married Dave back on the 4th April 1998. We chose to save all the complications that come with arranging a wedding and headed up to Gretna Green in Scotland to tie the knot. Tradition had it that couples would elope over the Scottish border to get married by the blacksmith often being chased by their parents who disapproved and Gretna Green is the closest Scottish town to England. To us it wasn’t about spending tens of thousands of pounds on one day in our lives but more about the actual meaning of getting married. I think in total we spent about £400 on the day.

Our wedding day started off with 6 of our closest friends (none of whom we see anymore) arriving at our house early for buck fizz before the drive up to Scotland. With the wedding outfits all packed we arrived at Gretna Green at the Old Blacksmiths Shop (which is actually a museum) and got ready in the public toilets. Living the high life!

The wedding was at 2.30pm and we met up with Dave’s parents and had a beer to calm our nerves. There was no sign of my Mum (who was giving me away), my step dad, my Dad and my step mum, my gran, my sister and my soon to be brother in law. Time was ticking on and we had to start the ceremony without them. I got given away by a big burly scotsman in a kilt and I think Dave nearly had a heart attack when the vicar who was stood with Dave at the anvil (what you get married over) said “Who gives this wee lassie away?” and out came “I dee!” in a deep scottish voice when he was expecting it to be my Mum’s voice.

Anyway a few minutes into the service in rushed my family who had ended up at the wrong Blacksmiths shop in Gretna Green. There happens to be a hotel that has developed its own blacksmiths shop to replicate the tradition. It kind of worked out quite well really as my Mum and Dad hadn’t seen each other for over a decade and then they ended up jointly searching for their daughter on her wedding day.

So we then were married and here’s how we looked 13 years ago! The kids can’t believe I used to have hair like that!

wedding 001

After the ceremony we went to The Chase Hotel in Gretna for some photos in the garden, champagne, beer and sandwiches. Not before though stopping off at a local betting shop to put some money on the Grand National that was just about to start. The looks we got when we walked in all dressed up! My Dad asked if we had sorted out a wedding cake – which we hadn’t – so he nipped to his car and brought out the most fantastic cake. I love the photo below and my gran, B, has it on her side with all of the other grandkids and great-grand kids and it makes me smile every time I remember cutting our Wallace and Grommit wedding cake.

wedding 002

So thanks Dave for making the last 13 years full of fun and happiness … and here’s to many more 🙂

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  • judith

    What a great day it all turned out to be—happy memories.
    Congratulations to you both
    Mum xx