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Growing in a Recession

This week we have been getting the financial Year End for 2008 – 2009 all finished and packaged up ready to send to the accountants to file with Companies House. Our financial year runs from the 1st July to the 30th June and it is normally around the end of November when we can archive the year on Sage and close that year. It’s always an interesting period to finally see the end figures of the previous hard working year and we have been very pleased with the results.


I’ve mentioned on previous posts on my blog the philosophy of the company and that myself and Dave are at the very forefront bringing in the business and ensuring that clients, as well as staff, remain happy. One of our main focuses is to ensure that the staff are well looked after with benefits and rewards as without them Bronco would not be as successful as it currently is. For the UK the last 18 months have been a very tough time and most people will know someone who has been made redundant or has suffered as an affect of the recession, we have been lucky and been able to recruit more people.

When the banks were on the verge of collapse back in October 2008 it was a scary time for us, and I spent the best part of a week opening up new bank accounts to spread our risk and juggle money about. We then headed into a major time of uncertainty and we decided that we needed to get our heads down and do everything we did even better than we were already doing to retain existing clients and make room for more.

When I looked at the figures that were churned out of Sage I was pleased to see the hard work and dedication by the whole team had paid off and we had increased turnover by nearly 16% on the previous year, through a recession, and we are on for an even bigger growth in the current financial year. Many businesses failed during the recession and many of the early ones to falter were the ones that were built on too much credit with very poor cash flow so couldn’t cope with the slightest hiccup. I don’t know how people can run a company so close to the edge. I’m just very glad that the UK is coming out the other side of the recession and the future looks bright for Bronco.

On a final note I’d just like to thank the Bronco team again as without them the company wouldn’t be what it is today, and each one brings something very special to the company. Looks like we’ll have something great to celebrate on Friday when we are having our big curry night out!


  • Kean

    I’ve always believed that a manager should be willing to do anything they ask a staff member to do (as much as is possible). So to see the bosses working as hard if not harder than you and not just passing the work off makes you want to work hard and actually you become invested in the company and it’s success.

  • Becky

    Cheers Kean for the comment … appreciated!