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Graze – the solution to healthy snacks

Being so busy most of the time does have its down side and one of those is being a bit disorganised on the eating front. For instance today I had a meeting at 10am which lasted until just after 1pm, then another meeting at 2pm which went on till after 3pm. Dave did pop out to the local farm shop who do great fresh sandwiches but I didn’t get to eat lunch until about half 3. You wonder by that time if its worth eating at all, but it was better than my previous alternative of having biscuits for lunch.

Anyway I’m looking forward to tomorrow as Gary, The Floating Frog tweeted about a cool site the other night called Graze who have the solution to nutrition and the need throughout the day to nibble on food to keep up the energy levels. The site and concept is really cool and you can order boxes of food to your door that will contain a healthy balance of fresh and dried fruit, nuts and seeds that match your likes. You can order a box every day or just once a week and with the fillings for the box you get loads of choice and can rate foods as love, like, try or bin … so each box is a surprise based on what you like to eat, while remaining balanced and nutritious.

I have a box of Graze due tomorrow which is cool because typically on a Wednesday I work late as Janet our accounts lady is in and Dave takes the kids to Brazilian Soccer School. So normally by about 7pm I’m raiding the biscuit tin. When you have an order about to despatch you can see on Graze what you’ll be getting…. this is what I am due tomorrow.

All looks interesting. It has given me 2 selections that I flagged as “like” and one that I said that I would “try”. I suppose the more boxes you have the more you rate the items to end up with your perfect combination. This week I have gone for the Eat Well selection, whereas next week I’ve picked the Well Being box which has more antioxidants in it which I may need after the coming weekend!

ADDED: You can get a FREE Graze box if you sign up with this promo code HBZJFTL