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Graze – an update on my boxes

I did a post a few weeks ago about the site called Graze that I had been introduced to, that helps you eat healthily and more importantly to graze healthily rather than snacking on foods that are not nutritious.

I am now going to get Graze Box number 3 tomorrow and so far have really enjoyed how it all works. The Graze website is pretty cool and from a web development and usability perspective is really good too. So what is in my box tomorrow …. last week I received fresh grapes, lemon infused raisins and a mixture called goji berry salad which was a bit wierd and contained goji berries, walnuts and pumpkin seeds. I managed to get a few people in the office to try the berries and the seeds, but I have marked that on the site as “bin” so that I don’t get it again.

So tomorrow I’m going to be getting

hmmm, Rock the Casbah sounds interesting, which contains walnuts, dates and pumpkin seeds. I also managed to save myself £1 off this box as my sister signed up with their refer a friend scheme …. I got a pound off and my sister got a free box. How cool is that. If you’re wanting to try a free box then if you use the promo code HBZJFTL and get yourself signed up.

I am really liking how you can rate products, but you still don’t know until the evening before the delivery what will actually be turning up. I can’t say if I’m healthier because of the Graze boxes but it is helping me think a bit more about what I’m eating when I’m hungry during the day, and even though the kitchen at work is crammed full of biscuits I’m trying to avoid them at the moment.

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  • Chris Garrett

    I need to snack more healthily so I will give this a try once back from travels 🙂

    Of course I will blame you if I don’t like it, heh 😉