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Google Celebrates Tetris 25th Anniversary

I love it when the normal Google logo is replaced with something topical. What a great job the guys in the Google logo team must have working out what events to celebrate. Today is the 25th anniversary of the birth of Tetris and they have produced another cool logo.


Tetris was invented by the Russian Alexey Pajitnov back in 1984 and has since sold more than 125 million copies. As with many great ideas, Alexey didn’t get great wealth from his idea, as it was Nintendo that secured the license and launched the game worldwide. They took it to the next level by bundling it with the GameBoy back in 1989.

A couple of pieces of trivia for you …
The name TETRIS comes from a combination of the Greek prefix “tetra” and Alexey’s favourite sport, tennis, and the Tetris pieces are called tetrominoes.