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Giving SEO a Bad Name

When will it stop, that companies proclaim themselves to be SEO experts or professional SEO companies and then do a really poor job for the clients giving the industry a bad name? Probably never, and this industry is probably no different to others.

At Bronco I am generally the first point of contact for all new and potential clients. We are very lucky that we don’t have “sales people” as Dave has such a good reputation in the industry that we get most of our enquiries by referral, and often can’t handle them all. For that I am extremely grateful and we have worked hard to build the company to the situation that we are in today. We wouldn’t get the referrals and recommendations if our previous and current clients weren’t happy with what we can do for them, and if we didn’t have a good track record of solid rankings in the most competitive industries.

I sometimes have to explain to dubious companies, who have suffered at the hands of other SEO companies who promise the earth but don’t deliver, as to what makes Bronco different. They are often a bit surprised when I say that we can’t and won’t guarentee the keyword rankings – as how can we when we are all at the mercy of the search engines? I also have to explain that as a specialist agency that we don’t spend all month producing glossy and fluffy reports as we are too busy getting on with what counts which is getting the rankings up and increasing the clients traffic and conversions. The ones who “get it” normally end up signing up.

When, as it has been exposed today, that a so called professional SEO agency is asking questions about a clients site on a Google forum, that the client is already a member of, it tends give SEO a bad name. The pricing charged for expert knowledge then comes into question, as are you really paying an expert? Can a room full of SEO’s all be experts in everything? Or are you just paying for a glossy and fluffy templated report put together by someone who calls themselves an SEO?

We have seen an increase in the last few years of traditional marketing agencies turning into Search Marketing companies, and Web Design agencies introducing an SEO division as more people jump on the band wagon and sell the product harder into the wider market. Hopefully the clients who are serious about hiring a good SEO continue to do their research and not necessarily get drawn in to the promises and “guarentees” that are bounced around during the big pitch.


  • outsourcing

    Well this is true alot of un professional companies are workin not delivering the results

  • Gary (BEAL! from Leeds that is!)

    I’m glad I follow your and Dave’s stuff Becky – I just had a client call me whilst on the site reading this post – ask without reading the guys last name or location – assumed it was me.


    Funny part though is I didn’t realise I was logged in under a Google email account so when I pulled up history to check it out – it pulled up my OWN history and I temporarily freaked out thinking someone hacked my account – then I saw the question this guy asked about geographical targeting and realised it was his history not my own.

    Good find – and way to call him out – I love the email from the company CEO – Doh!

  • Henry Gilbert


    I don’t believe Formal Qualifications would be a good thing. It would make SEO an exclusive club. Marginalising potential talents. And still producing mediocres. Like bad doctors, only now self-assured and qualified.

  • Bennie Stark

    A good post.

    This is one good read for those poeple who are into SEO and planning on starting SEO.

    Clients are very important and a good SEO company is what these clients need.

    Thanks for the post.