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GHD IV Styler – the ideal gift

If you are looking to get yourself a bit more organised for Christmas then there is one present that most girls and women (and possibly some guys) will love to receive this Christmas and that’s some great GHD hair straighteners. If anyone has seem me “eu naturale” which isn’t many … or have seen my old driving licence picture which is currently getting renewed, you’ll know that I have pretty mad hair. Before hair straighteners came along I’d have to live with my hair not being properly curly like my sisters, and not being straight, so a wavy mess.

I’ve had a few pairs of straighteners in my time from Babyliss to Remington … but one day Dave decided to treat me to a pair of GHD’s (the GHD IV Styler), and it wasn’t even my birthday. I’m not a big label person, or a person that wants to pay full price for a label … but when it comes to hair straighteners you can certainly tell the difference with a good pair of GHD’s, if you have enough time to straighten your hair in the morning before the mad school rush and getting to work.

Dave did a GHD post a few weeks ago, and if anyone talked to him at A4U Expo in London back in October you may have heard his rant about the SERPS for GHD and how messed up it was with fake sites. Now, before Dave looked into it I’d only heard about this problem once as my neice got a pair of GHD’s last Christmas from ebay which turned out to be fakes, but there are actually “real looking” sites that are ranking in the top 10 and taking over the PPC, and not just fakes on ebay.

ghd hair straighteners

I’d just like to warn anyone who is thinking about buying GHD straighteners that when you see a website, that looks real as in the logo looks familiar and the colour scheme is the same, that if the price is knocked down ..then it’s not real. Don’t spoil a perfect gift by trying to scrimp on the price. Remember these are straighteners that comprise of 2 very hot ceramic plates that you are literally ironing your hair with, and if they are fake they are liable to be dangerous. I’m not sure how well the Christmas turkey would go down if your loved one burnt off part of their hair or worse while using the fake straighteners that saved you the price of a turkey.

The real site if you want to know is and if you are looking to Compare the price from official resellers of the GHD’s try Compare GHD’s and you’ll be able to find a good price as well as who is chucking in the freebies with the deal.