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Getting Sucked into Shopping Channels

How funny … this evening Dave was just flicking through the Sky Channels and we ended up at the shopping channels. We went through a phase a few years ago of being hooked on them, but haven’t watched then for ages. We never really used to buy anything, apart from a set of Titanium II knives that went straight back as they were crap, but there is something about them that you just can’t switch off, even if they repeat the same details over and over again.

I’ve nearly been sucked in a few times tonight but now with the power of the internet you can actaully research a product before you buy it. So we’ve had:

Eyesential – which according to the shopping channels it gets rid of all the wrinkles around your eyes and even does brow lines. They did a live demo on a mature lady and you could see the wrinkles dissappear. The product was £39.99 for a 15ml bottle so really expensive, but they were offering buy one get one free. I nearly bought it, but had to bath the kids. After looking at some reviews after I’d sorted the kids, it seems that it does work to some extent but isn’t as amazing as they make out, and feels quite tight on your skin. So scrap that.

Then I neally got taken in by Sheer Skin which again sounded too good to be true. A simple and easy way to hair removal without shaving, waxing or creams. The demos they did on the audience seemed pretty impressive, but the reviews make it sound like if you do it wrong you’re left with red blotches and that hair grows back the next day just like shaving. So scrap that too.

Then the one that I didn’t want to buy, but was more sucked in by the demo was Super Million Hair. It looked like the chocolate powder shaker at Starbucks for dusting your coffee with, but they were shaking it on peoples heads who were thinning on top. The super million hair was like coloured iron filings that statically clung to your existing hair and filled up thinning patches. They did it on a few men who seemed really happy with it, but it was so noticeable … so it was just making us laugh.

With every product being sold the sales pitch just gets you and you’re hooked, even if you know the product is rubbish or that you don’t need it you end up thinking that you do. Best bet is to keep all your cards out of reach.