My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby

Getting Soft in My Old Age!

Well not that old at 34 … but something must have happened as I am finding myself giving in to the constant nagging from the 3 boys in the house (Dave & the 2 kids).

Last week I was organising for a shed and a skip to be delivered to the house so that we could spend last weekend clearing out the garage to make room for the thing that Dave has wanted for the last 4 years or so … a 1967 (or close) split screen VW CamperVan. I have thought that Dave may “grow out” of the need for a CamperVan but it seems that he’s not going to so we may as well enter into the new venture together at full pelt. There is no point Dave just saying he wants one if he doesn’t actually get organised to get one. I think now that the garage is cleared he doesn’t quite know what to do next! 🙂

Then I have just tonight buckled and made the kids (and Daves) wishes come true by ordering them a Sony PSP 3000 each. When I pick the kids up from their after school club they are often playing on one of their friends PSP’s and the screen resolution on games is pretty impressive really. They already have Nintendo DS’s so my excuse has always been the fact that they have loads of games for the Nintendos and won’t have any for the PSP, but preowned games are really cheap these days and I’ve even managed to get Fifa09 brand new for Ethan at £12.99, reduced from £19.99. I’m quite pleased though as Ethan chose the red one and Miles opted for the newly released (3/7/09) vibrant blue one which is pretty cool, rather than going for the boring black one.


So now I just need to find something that I can treat myself with … hmmm I’ll have to have a think! Any ideas?


  • Elaine

    well I loved my itouch, now I love my iphone and quite enjoy tinkering with the macbook pro. I enjoy treating myself to a good haircut at Nicky Clarke’s in Leeds – not cheap, but we’re worth it :). A really good smoothie maker – lots of calories though 🙁 or just a good book – Pillars of the Earth followed by World Without End .. back to work now.

  • Steve Laidlaw

    Hi There Becky!

    How cool that Daves finally managed to convince you that the splitty camper is a good idea- im so jealous!!! not that its quite the same but i was in the paint- a- pot workshop with my two boys this saturday ( this really cool new little shop in holmfirth where you go and pick a plain clay model and paint it yourself, then the owner fires it for you and hey presto- youve designed your own pot!) and we were all creating our own designs on… wait for it… split screen camper models!!

    Have you thought about getting yourself a nice oval beetle to go with Daves camper and completing the picture?

    Hope all goes well with the new bus and looking forward to seeing some pics of the final product!

    p.s. are you guys going to be at bug jam ( this year- if so, well see you down there! its a great place to get inspiration for new Vee Dub Projects!!