My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby

Getting a New Design

Today my blog has had a bit of a facelift to give it a fresh new look. I wanted to go for something clean and simple as my blog tends to be heavy on the picture side, and I also wanted to get some of my favourite colour, red, on here.

I’ve not had a fresh design for 3 years now and this is what my blog used to look like

old version

and back in 2011 it used to look like this


I also decided to change the strapline on my blog from “My Experience of running a business and a home” to a strapline that is more in keeping with my writings “My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW’s & rugby” as that sums it up better.

I hope you like the new design and carry on reading my waffles.