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Focusing on Growing the Company in the Right Direction

During the last year Dave and I have been determined on changing the focus of the company to concentrate on the aspects that we are successful in and that the inhouse team can concentrate on to continue to be a successful and growing Search Marketing and Web development agency. In the last 12 months the company has seen a 13% growth on last year, in the B2B sector.

Bronco started its life back in 1996 as an ISP and offered dial up accounts and email to the local area. When Dave & I bought the company over 6 years ago in 2003 the landscape was moving at a fast pace and web development and SEO was becoming a much bigger part of the company. Up until December last year we used to sell and repair computers to the home user market, but the biggest downturn for that department came when Ebuyer started to sell direct to the public with no benefit to the trade customers. There used to be good money in building PC’s from components until it became a box shifting industry to the point that there were no profits to be made, and it all became so competitive with low margins that selling computers and accessories was not viable. Plus the fact that PC’s have become increasingly reliable there is no longer the demand for repair services. In December 2008 when we stopped selling and supporting hardware there was a ripple locally that Bronco must be going under but far from it. The old hardware department now houses 7 full time members of the SEO team, and this month we have taken on 3 new SEO contracts and next month there are 2 new contracts lined up already.

Business Graph

We have continued to sell and support Broadband to the local area up until this month when we have decided that we will no longer continue with this service… and yet again after we announce it we are hearing rumours locally that Bronco must be going under. Its a typical local rumour mill and people can’t really see the bigger picture that we were selling a broadband connection for £16 but it would cost us £14.82 to buy in and then on top of that you have to invoice the customer, collect the money, reconcile the account and answer any technical / support questions during the month all for the £1.18 earned from each connection. It just doesn’t make sense does it? When you look at all of the broadband providers that are now out there they is no chance for a local ISP to compete with the likes of Sky, BT or Virgin.

After this month is over, and the only broadband connections that we have are the 8mb connections that we supply to staff at home, I will be alot happier and it will mean that the accounting side of the buisness will be more streamlined. We have realigned resources in house from the hardware and broadband support side of the company into the growing SEO department to make us a more focused and able to meet the needs of our current and potential clients.

I think it is really important for businesses to keep looking at what they are supplying and why and to make sure they remain profitable and utilise their resources, whether that is staff or space, to the best potential. It has been a hard decision to stop doing the local support on hardware and broadband but as an international company we need to think bigger and keep looking ahead. Businesses need to keep evolving and changing to keep ahead.

So on that note we’ll be releasing the long awaited SEO Toolset in the next six months, as Dave has spoken about it for so long, but this will soon be turning into reality.


  • Andrew Girdwood

    Yeah. I think you sometimes have to make the hard choices now in order to make way for the brighter and better future. I think you both have done really well.

  • Becky

    @andrew thanks 🙂

  • Driveways

    I think you have done exceptional well in a very short space of time and I wish you continued success