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Fantastic Customer Service

I received an email this evening from one of our SEO clients, who are a high profile international company, and it made me smile when out of the blue it was mentioned that we give “fantastic customer service”. This is one of the things that Dave and I have strived to achieve and it’s a really important factor to the company’s success that we instil into the team.

So I’d like to thank the guys at Bronco for maintaining the high levels of customer service that we consistently try to provide to clients of all our departments. We try to set ourselves apart from many companies as we do not have tiers of account managers, business development or project managers. We are able to do this due to the steady growth of the company, having a skilled team and we do not overload ourselves with too many clients.

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Initially a potential SEO client will deal directly with me or Dave and from that initial contact we can work up a proposal and strategy for the site that will gain the rankings for the best targeted terms that will convert. For the web development side of the company I deal with all the enquiries, meet the potential clients and produce the web proposals. I tend to be really busy getting quotes and proposals out to people, and then dealing with all the follow up and planning once they become a client – but I really enjoy it as I never know what each enquiry will bring. I am fortunate that we have a really great team who understand exactly what we do, so they totally understand what the client wants. For instance for a web build when I relay a site spec to the design and development team they generally manage the project themselves communicating if needed with the clients directly, so it just requires me to check at certain stages and relay the progress to clients.

One thing that we find really works with SEO clients to boost customer service is that we set up a group email address at Bronco that they send to, which is picked up by the lead SEO, myself, Dave, as well as the relevant people in the rest of the team. This way all the relevant people stay in the loop, I can keep track of what’s happening, and most importantly the client will get a quick response from the most appropriate person. We also spend a lot of time on IM and Skype too to communicate efficiently. Dealing with international clients on different time zones there is often a requirement to stay late to make conference calls and often Dave doesn’t leave the office until around 7.30pm – 8pm, but that is all part of good customer service.

So to be able to offer fantastic customer service there needs to be a combination of a dedication to the clients, an appreciation of the clients, making sure you meet the clients’ individual expectations, a skilled team, organisation and a lot of hard work.