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Fantastic Bronco Day Out at Camphill

Yesterday we took the Bronco team to Camphill for a day of Action and Adventure. We have worked with Camphill for many years now helping them develop their web site, and ever since I had my first tour of the estate with Robert Ropner I have wanted to get the guys there to experience what an amazing place it is. It took me a while to work out with the Camphill team what the best plan for the day was, so that we got a mix of activities as well as a little bit of team building, but it all worked out really well.. and what made it even better was that the weather was superb considering that we have had rain for weeks now. The amount of rain that we have had certainly made some activities even more fun and extremely muddy.

So we started the day bright and early with bacon sandwiches before we headed out. Here is the 10 of us that were in for a fun packed day…

We started with an assault course to get us warmed up … it was pretty tiring and certainly made us use muscles that we haven’t used for a while

Here’s Rory, James and Zoe tackling the cargo net…

We then moved on to a mix of Archery and Segways. For the archery we did some practice rounds and then some scoring rounds. Well done to Adam for coming out top.

Here’s me being proper Robin Hood, with Adam and Hannah

and here’s Kean, James and Zoe getting some practice in

The Segways were really awesome. I’d never been on one before so was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the hang of it, but they were really easy to control. We had a few laps of the very muddy practice ring and then headed off around the estate for a bit of a trek.

Here’s Dave, Chris and Stew having a go

Then it was lunch and we had a feast of lovely sandwiches, pork pies, sausage rolls, crisps and fruit. We were ready for the afternoon which was going to be at a faster pace.

We had opted for a quad bike safari which was going to be a team trek around the estate. We got kitted up with helmets and went through how to operate the bikes. This was one of the activities I was worried about but as soon as we got going I realised that the quad bikes were quite easy to control and loads of fun. We spent some time dashing across the boggy fields, and then the very best bit was the treks through the woods that we did. We were following a very wet and muddy track carved tightly in the woods. There were big, rutted areas that were full of muddy water, with tree roots and tree stubs to tackle. It was really awesome. Dave managed to get one shot of the team in the woods.

A few of the guys got extremely muddy from the quad safari 🙂

After the quad biking we moved on to the Gemini buggy endurance race. It was so exciting and full on we totally forgot to get a picture, but we were driving these …

We were in two teams and the aim was to do as many laps of the muddy course in 20 minutes, and do fast driver change overs. This was about driving fast and taking the corners well, but also about having a good pit crew and fast change overs making sure all the harnesses were done up properly. There were some exciting laps with some wild overtaking as we’re all pretty competitive, and my team won in the end 🙂

To finish the day we headed to the Crashed Plane. This is exactly what it says …

I took a picture of the team getting the briefing and you can see how muddy we all ended up

The aim of the task is to set up a pulley system and be able to rescue the stranded pilot (me in the case of our team) and winch them over the deep water. It was a bit of a challenge at first but we got ourselves organised and built a good structure. I did get wet (boots and trouser bottoms) .. but it was more to do with the amount of water in the moat compared to a bad construction. On Dave’s team their pilot Rory was wet up to mid thigh level so I was lucky.

All in all a really great day and something that I think will be on the list of things to do again next year for sure. Afterwards we had some well deserved pints and a big Italian to round off the day.


  • Julie Joyce

    Well this certainly puts the Link Fish neighborhood pub crawl to shame!!!

  • Adam

    What a brilliant way to spend a day – Agility, speed, mud, sun, team work and just a little blood, sweat and tears. Looking forward to the next one 😉

  • Rory

    It was a great day out at Camphill which is massive. The Quads were my favorite part of the day closely followed by the Segways.

    I’d like to take this moment and say sorry to Adam for hitting him with my quad.

  • Stew

    It was a great day, particularly enjoyed the quad bikes and archery, will definitely have to do something like that again!!

  • Hannah

    Was great fun apart from when the trees attacked me! Hasn’t put me off going again though!

  • Chris

    Really fun day! Have to go back again so I can beat Adam at archery anyway. Walking seems like such hard work after being on a Segway!

    Favourite part was when Hannah drove into a tree.

  • James

    Brilliant day, am still feeling the effects of forgetting to bring suncream though!

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