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Extension after 6 weeks – 10 more to go

Since my last post on the extension we have progressed another 3 weeks or so and its surprising how quickly it is all taking shape and you can now get an understanding of the size of it all. Here are some of the pictures from the last few weeks.

The floors are being created. We also now have the french doors taken out and boarded up but the builders did recycle one of the old windows to let some light in.

foundations done floors going in

At the same time we are having to dig new foundations for the extended patio retaining wall

patio foundations

It was exciting to see the first blockwork go up on the kitchen

first blockwork

Followed by the brickwork. There is going to be a combination of rendered walls and exposed brick.

first brickwork

Next it was the side of the two storey extension

sitting room side up

The scaffolding goes up and the bricks get higher

scaffolding goes up

At the end of last week the brickies were done and tomorrow it will be the roof.

ready for the roof