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Exit Interiors in Harrogate

We go to Harrogate quite regularly and today we found a new shop that is really cool. It’s been around since 2004 but is on a road that we would tend to drive down rather than walk down, but today while Ethan was at a birthday party we had a wander around. Exit Interiors is on Parliament Street in Harrogate and the small shop is a haven if you love contemporary things for your home to brighten up everyday living.

We ended up buying a couple of mugs, and a door stop that will solve a problem at work I hope. Thankfully the website that Exit Interiors advertise in the shop is great too. It’s always a letdown when you go to a website that belongs to a smart business and it doesn’t do it justice but Exit Interiors have a fully functional ecommerce system with all their products on. Being an “online shopaholic” I couldn’t resist buying more items … (purely for test purposes so that before I wrote about them I was sure that the website wasn’t a letdown). Let’s hope the delivery turns up intact and early next week.

Here are some of the cool things that they sell…

egg cupsellotape dispenserblack cab crayon mugpantone mugtommy cooper mugchopping boardnorman the doorman

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  • Rory

    try paper tiger its next to pizza hut just down a little bit though they do cool stuff