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EFAW First Aid Training in Ripon

I went on a really interesting and very useful course today, and now I am certified for the next three years in First Aid having done the Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) 1 day course. I signed up to the course in Ripon a while ago and this weekend I was having doubts about going, mainly because I’m always apprehensive about going places where I won’t know anyone and the dreaded “right all find a partner” type activities.

I had met the instructor before, Fiona Blaylock from First Instance First Aid Training, as we’d met a few months back at a Ripon Chamber of Trade meeting (another daunting outing where I didn’t really know anyone) so that helped this morning as I rushed there having made myself late doing a few emails before I left the house. As with all things, after we all settled in, the day ended in shared “first aid” related stories of injuries and lots of laughter. It was a really mixed group, there was me (typical office based), 2 guys who worked on the railways, a sports massage therapist, and an older married couple who were both keen ramblers and the wife was a mobile hairdresser.
EFAW First aid course 2
It just goes to show that whatever occupation you are in there is a need under the Health and Safety Directive to have a qualified First Aider to treat both staff and members of the public who may need your help while on your premises.

The course was really informative and we learnt so much in a day. I already sort of knew quite a bit as my Mum is a nurse so we were brought up in a medical environment, but today has given me the confidence to actually treat someone who has a serious injury or who may not be breathing. We got to practice CPR on the Annie dolls, which actually is really tiring. (Note to self remember its 30 compressions 4 – 5 cms deep, middle of the chest, then chin back, nose closed, breathe, release nose, nose closed, 2nd breath and release, then back to 30 compressions, aiming for 100 compressions a minute and don’t stop until the ambulance arrives)

We also learnt how to assess a casualty, from trying to establish a response, to checking breathing, (Note to self remember DRABC: Danger, Response, Airway, SHOUT FOR HELP, Breathing, Circulation), to carry out a top to toe survey and the recovery position (which I also taught the kids tonight!). We also got taught about how to stop bleeding, how to dress wounds, to make a sling in 2 ways, how to cope with a person choking, heart attack victims, stroke victims, anaphylactic shock, amputations, fits, burns & scolds and head injuries. All in all it was an excellent course that I’d highly recommend to anyone. As a result of the course I’m getting a proper First Aid box for home, and 2 extra for mine and Dave’s cars as you just never know when you might need to use your First Aid skills and it’s better to be prepared I reckon.

If you want to find out more about First Aid Training in Ripon then you can contact Fiona by email to firstinstance.enquiries @

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  • Kean

    Sounds good, we’ll just have to super careful at work when you’re away at conferences or on holiday 🙂

    Personally I could never get the hang of the CPR bit when we did it at school.