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Donating Christmas Card Money to FOP Action

As many of you may be aware this year we designed and developed a website for FOP Action as a donation to their cause and to help raise awareness. FOP stands for Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva and is a rare disease which causes your body to become frozen, as tissues start to turn to bone.

Dave and I got involved when we found out that one of the daughters of Dave’s cousin Kelly had been diagnosed with FOP after many tests and visits to the doctors and hospital. Jasmine who is now 3 still has lots of energy as any 3 year old has, but her arms and neck are stiff and she suffers from painful flare ups. She needs lots of special equipment to make sure that she is protected wherever she goes.

Below is quite an old picture of a skeleton of a FOP sufferer that has been used in the research of the disease. It shows just what is happening as the bone grows out of control.

fop skeleton

This year we decided at Bronco that we would donate our usual £150 Christmas card money to the FOP Action site which will go towards the research that is being carried out to find a cure. From the research that is being carried out at Oxford University they have identified the gene that causes FOP, but now they have to work out how to reverse or stop the disease. Every donation is very gratefully received.

If anyone or any businesses have not as yet organised this year’s Christmas cards, make a difference and donate to FOP Action instead. Or if you have already bought your Christmas cards this year, give anything that you can to a really worthy cause to help all the FOP sufferers.

FOP donate

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