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Does Botox Work?

That has been a question that I have been wondering for a while, as you hear so much about Botox in the media these days with every celeb going for Botox injections in every part of their body. One of the celebs you see a lot of at the moment is Simon Cowell who has done Botox for years and even convinced Gordon Ramsey to go under the needle.

Anyway in the answer to the question… Does Botox Work? … I can happily say YES, after I had Botox treatment just over 2 weeks ago. I have waited to blog about it until I was convinced that it did work and made a difference, and wasn’t just an expensive 10 minutes getting pricked.

I had over the years developed a bad habit of frowning a lot (apparently according to the specialist beautician that did my Botox I have a very expressive face). But due to years of a combination of concentrating at a computer, hard work and stress the frequent frowning had left me with quite a deep crease between my eyes making me look fairly grumpy when I was being normal, and with a very deep, mean looking frown. It was getting to the stage where Dave would keep asking if I was ok, and the kids even asking if I was in a bad mood. This was when I was being normal and not feeling like I was frowning.

This is what my frown was like before Botox

frown before

And now I can’t really frown, which is really weird as when I try nothing really happens apart from my eyebrows move a bit.

Added: A picture from about a week ago of me trying to frown where you can still see a frown, whereas now its smoother.

frown after

Did Botox Hurt?
Not really … well when you have had 2 kids nothing really hurts! Lynn from Cosmedical who did the treatment made sure that I was really relaxed for the 5 injections so all I felt was the initial prick and then a bit of discomfort. Afterwards all I had was a little redness for 5 minutes, and 5 red dots where the needles went in for a few hours.

How does Botox Work?
Botox is widely used in medical procedures, and has been for many years. It works by stopping the neurotransmitters between the nerves and the muscles … so in my case when I try to frown the signal is not getting to the muscles, so I can’t. What will happen over time is that I will get out of the habit of frowning so reverse the damage.

How Long Does Botox Last?
Well it takes between 3 – 9 days to take effect, so initially after the treatment there was no change, but after about day 5 there was a marked difference, and after 10 days it was different again. The initial treatment should last about 3 – 4 months, and then a second treatment could last for a whole year.

Is Botox expensive?
I suppose it depends on what you class as expensive. I paid £225 for the treatment and a consultation a few weeks before I decided to go for it. I personally think it was good value for money and I’m really pleased with the results.


  • Mark

    Oh my god, did you say beautician? In Europe and the US it is against the law for even a nurse to administer botox, never mind a beautician. It is a safe and brilliant treatment in the right hands, but give it to the beauty therapists and you have droopy eyes all over the place! Not to mention as I said it is ilegal for a person other than a physician to administer it. Just thought you should know. I would talk to the people at cosmedical or where ever to be sure it was a doctor who gave it to you. Best, Mark

  • Becky

    @mark … beautician was the wrong term … I have no idea what you call a qualified person for doing treatments such as this ….. a cosmetician, or a non surgical facelift person? But Lynn from Cosmedical has a list of qualifications as long as her arm so I was totally confident that she knew exactly what she was doing.

  • Driveways

    Have you got a photo showing you trying to frown after the botox ?

  • Becky

    hi Mick, I’ve just updated the post with a picture of me trying to do my biggest frown about a week ago, and as you can see it doesn’t look mean and angry like the “before” photo, It’s very bizarre!

  • Driveways

    WOW it really does work 🙂

    I had never noticed the mean and angry look before though Becky but you certainly do look more relaxed since the treatment and I must add it has made you look younger

    are there any side effects to the botox treatment ?

  • Becky

    Yep, pretty clever stuff really, and thanks for the compliments!
    Ref side effects I don’t think there are any particularly apart from the problems if the botox goes in the wrong places, so you can end up with droopy eyes or that startled look. I was warned that I may develop a bad headache after treatment but didn’t have any problems at all.

  • ked wilkins

    dear Mark get your facts right – i am a nurse prescriber – botox can be administered by a Dr, a Dentist and Nurse. After training there is no reason a suitably qualified person cannot administer this. The law in the UK allows this- however I agree a beautician should not administer this

  • Christine

    I’ve just had Botox in the main three areas of my head , it’s only 48 hours and still waiting for full effects, I defo am starting to notice some change

  • Louise

    Thank you for all the info here. It is only 72 hours since I had my Botox and I am just starting to feel a slight resistance to frowining and am impatient to see a significant difference to my frowning and crows feet!

  • natalie corlett

    I had filler and botox 4 days ago and think its fantastic and well worth the money cant wait to have my next lot in 4 months time x

  • Claire

    I had bottox 4 days ago although there is a slight difference I am a bit disappointed so far . Am I expecting to much to soon ? . Also do frown lines go completely ? . I’ve been told you can’t frown afterwards which I can certainly do at the moment . I wish I had of asked more questions at the time .

  • Anon

    bottom rocks, 42, look 32, no going back though as gets addictive

  • hannah

    oh my days really :l

  • Juliet feitelberg

    Hi l have just had three Botox injection in my calf muscle’s and I also had a gait analyses done month ago but the Botox didn’t really work for me as I have a disability that effects my leg muscles they are reluctant to do any more for me. Botox is poison inside ure body so too much wont work. U should always consult a registered Dr who would be able to do it