My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby

Dave Wants a Cool T-shirt

If anyone knows Dave they will understand how passionate he is about things such as SEO, his kids, campervans, beer and ranking for the keyword Dave!

He now has the grand idea about getting a whole set of Dave t-shirts printed following on from the great shirt he got sent by Dave Hobart from PureContent. I haven’t got a decent picture of Dave in his t-shirt yet, but he wore it in Amsterdam in April much to the admiration of Dave Davis from Red Fly, so we sent him one.

This is the best pic I have so far of Dave in his t-shirt


but it should look like this


So at the moment I am looking at some t-shirt printing that we can sort out to perhaps come up with a range of our own. Dave is thinking about having

“The best Daves of our lives”
“Happy Daves” (with thumbs up)
“The 12 Daves of Christmas” (for a festive shirt)
“Daves of Thunder”
“Dave On”

You get the gist! I’m not sure where Dave will manage to find the time to organise this new venture but it should take off as “Everyone knows a Dave!”