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Data Protection Drives Me Crazy!

This is only going to be a short post, but it totally drives me CRAZY that companies that you have services from like mobile phones, bank cards, or insurance always want to speak to the “account holder”. What utter nonsense … especially when I am named person either on the phone contract, the bank card or the car insurance. So if I ring up to make a change on something or ask advice, they confirm who I am but then want to speak to the “account holder” which on the majority of things its Dave. (Not sure why its just the way things were set up). So what would happen if I just put any male on the phone who might know Dave’s date of birth .. would they accept that as being speaking to the “account holder”. It’s utterly stupid and I suppose if Dave just rings up to change something that may affect me he just gets total authority to do it, so even as a married couple I don’t have any rights over the services that we both use.

The purpose of this post is to vent the frustration I have endured this evening trying to get my Blackberry Internet Services username from Orange that I have no clue what it is as it was set up about 18 months ago, but oh no they need to speak to the “account holder”. Ridiculous!


  • Jason

    Agreed, it is totally pointless! I thought that you only needed three peices of personal information (name, address, DOB) to gain access to DP material over the phone – perhaps put them in a spot by saying “the account holder is deaf and unable to converse with you – now what?”. But, BIS login requests would give that away 😉

  • Chis

    To be fair, it’s like p\$$ing up a rope trying to get any sense out of Orange at the best of times. I always promise to myself I will leave them at the end of every contract but they just keep offering me deals I can’t get close to elsewhere.

  • Drivers Scotland

    It’s almost as mad as the Disclosure checks we have here in the UK as it not just once you do it. It’s many more times over and over for each individual job or situation you might be involved in. You can’t have just one Disclosure done and that’s it, I want a new job…Disclosure Check, I want to teach children martial arts…Disclosure Check and so on…
    DP has it’s uses but I don’t think it’s well organised behind the scenes.
    I thought I wanted to move to Orange, but I’m not sure they are any better than anyone else?

  • Carps

    The single worst 2 hours of my life was phoning the RAC a couple of years back and being stonewalled by the most irksome individual I have ever dealt with. She wouldn’t confirm that I had membership for ‘data protection’ reasons as it was registered “in someone else’s name”.

    Of course, when I got home to check my documents, it was registered in my wife’s name, with me down as another user of the policy.

    I got my revenge though, because it turned out they never took the money.

  • Orchid Box SEO

    It is ridiculous! When you are named on the account surely you should be allowed to make changes too? Its very infuriating, I remember when my phone contract used to be in my mum’s name and I had no end of problems!