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Creating a Bigger Chicken Enclosure

Following this week’s disaster of losing one our hens to a fox attack, this weekend’s task was to redevelop the chicken enclosure to give them a bigger run so that they have more space for when they are locked up more often. We are still letting the hens out during the day, but not letting them out until we are up in the morning, and locking the run at night. Foxes generally attack at dawn or dusk so throughout the daytime they should be safe in the garden.

We have an Eglu Go from Omlet, which is a great hen house and run combination that is suitable to keep 2 chickens in all the time. But we just felt that the existing run didn’t give them enough freedom if we were to keep them in there all the time, for instance if we are away for the weekend. So we bought 2 run extensions for the Eglu which have increased the size of the run by 2 metres and now they have loads of space.

This is what is was like before..

This shows the run with the winter cover on which was the full length of the run for those wet days. Today we have had to redevelop the area on the lawn, change the direction of the run, and because the lawn slopes off towards the deck we had to build up the ground so that the run was level.

This is how it looks now ..

Hopefully they will be very happy for the years to come in their new home 🙂