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Cooper’s now 13 weeks

So time certainly flies when you have a puppy in the house as I don’t know where the last 3 weeks have gone to since I did my last puppy post… but anyway, Cooper is now 13 weeks old and I thought I’d pop some more pictures of him on my blog so we can keep a good record of him growing up. These were taken this weekend.

Now puppies are very similar to babies in many ways.. you can buy them the best toys but they always have a favourite that wasn’t meant to be their toy in the first place. Cooper has taken a shine to this old frisbee type ball thing that the kids had years ago, that has been unearthed from the bottom of the garden recently.

cooper 12 weeks

cooper 12 weeks 2

cooper 12 weeks 3

cooper 12 weeks 4

He’s growing bigger every week, and learning all the time. He is such fun to have around and he gives so much back, you just have to look into his big brown eyes to see how much he loves you back. We have been out walking with him lots to get him used to different places in the area, which will form part of his longer walks in the coming months as its all about lots of familiarisation and socialisation at the moment. At the weekend we took him to one of the rivers close by and without much hesitation he was in swimming.. it was great and just what he needed on a hot day 🙂

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