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Co-op Electrical, One Stop Electricals Shop

The first place I go to when I’m looking for something electrical online is Coop Electrical. We don’t tend to buy too many “boring” household electrical items such as cookers, washing machines, fridges etc.. but when we do it tends to be bought online so its hassle free and I’d recommend going to Coop Electrical.

It was about 3 years ago when I first used Coop Electrical when we urgently needed a new cooker as we’d been let down by the supplier when we were putting our new kitchen in. Even back then I was happily surprised at how efficient their delivery was. In the last couple of weeks I’ve now used Coop Electrical twice for different items.

We needed a new fridge for work, one that was slightly bigger than the one that we had, as the more staff we have got the more space we need to keep bottles of water and Coke chilled and for people’s lunches and food. The first place I went to was the Coop and found a great larder fridge that seemed like a good purchase. But being an ex-purchasing manager it’s in my instinct to get the best price for a product and shop around. When I compared the exact model number elsewhere, like on Comet, Curry’s and Argos, I was getting it cheaper at the Coop and better still on a much faster delivery.

The Coop Electrical website is pretty good, maybe could do with having a bit of a better design on it, but in terms of functionality it does the job really well. You can easily get into the category that you are looking for and easily filter the results and compare products. They make it easy to find the rapid delivery items so you know that you’re not going to be hanging around too long for your order.

This is a benefit of my latest order of a new tumble dryer as my old one of about 5 years is now making some really bad clunking noises. It still works but I’m just not sure for how long and I don’t want anything disastrous to happen with it. It’s just best to do away with it and get a new one. I’m not a big “tumble dryer geek” but we have always had White Knight’s, and have never had a bad one … they tend to last, so I was able to filter by the Manufacturer, see the express delivery ones and easily refine my list of options. Again once I’d found the one I wanted, which happened to be the most expensive White Knight tumble dryer, I did my due diligence and shopped around. Nope, the Coop beat them again, and with my super cool Coop membership card that I was given by my sister (who happens to work for Coop Food and does all the TV adverts for them) I got a further 10% off.

white knight coop electrical

Another great thing about the Coop is that you don’t need to sign up for an account, you can just checkout really easily, get the goods delivered to wherever, even if it’s not the billing address for the payment card, and its all done. So the grand plan is to get the new tumble dryer delivered to work, so we don’t have to wait at home during the delivery slot, and at the same time they will take away the old tumble dryer for recycling, (saves a trip to the tip).

Also when we had the fridge delivered to work the other week the delivery men unpacked it and Dave noticed a tiny dent on the edge of the door. The delivery guys called the head office and I ended up getting 30% discount as they were unable to replace the fridge the next day. Great customer service and what more could you ask. Let’s hope the tumble dryer arrives on Wednesday as scheduled so that I can spend the evening in peace without it sounding like I’ve got someone playing drums in my utility room!


  • Becky

    Hmmm this will be interesting tomorrow as the delivery is scheduled between 7.00 and 8.46am … great that means I’m going to have to be at work for 7am.

  • minty collins

    name check…cool xx