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Congratulations to BlueGlass Inc

It’s not often on my blog that I will write about the search marketing industry that we are part of, but the events of this week have really interested me from a company management perspective. I am talking of the massive merger of Dave Snyder, Chris Winfield, Loren Baker, Brent Csutoras who are huge names in their respective fields in the USA and internationally, who’s respective companies are now are part of BlueGlass Inc.

I have had the pleasure of becoming great friends with Dave Snyder, and I have to thank him for getting me into Twitter one afternoon while he was staying at our house after a SES London show. That was the day when the 2 “sexy Dave’s” were trying to get me up to 100 followers in the space of a few hours while we chatted around the dining table. That was also the day that Snyder realised that English mustard is a lot stronger that American mustard as he smeared it all over his ham sandwich while the kids looked on in amazement and Naylor grabbed the video camera. (So that’s why English mustard comes in such a small pot!). I remember when Snyder first met the kids and being asked if he was a gangster and had a gun….lol.

I met Chris Winfield for the first time this year at SES New York in March. DaveN and I went for a great dinner with him while we were there which was really entertaining, and his session at the conference was excellent too. Hopefully one day I will also meet Brent and Loren too.

What strikes me with both Snyder and Chris is their drive and ambition, and for them to merge and form a brand new company together is just excellent as with their energy they will certainly make it a huge success. When I saw the news my first thought was, if Bronco merged with other companies what would it be like…. but I couldn’t figure out how the structure and organisation of the clients and workload would work and what would happen at conference time when the office empties of all the figureheads. With myself and Dave running Bronco we have a pretty clear understanding about who does what and who is responsible for what, and it seems to work, but a merger would be like introducing 2 or 3 new bosses with different ways of running things.

The next thing that crossed my mind was staffing and how do you cope with all the new teams or staffing issues that arise when you merge companies. One major thing would be salaries … how do you make that fair in a new company, do you bring everyone level? I did a post a few weeks about change management which again is key to successfully merging companies, but I’m sure it will work out just great for them all and I wish them lots of luck.