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London Affiliate Conference 2012

We got back today from a long weekend down in London for the iGaming London Affiliate Conference. This is the 3rd year we have been at this conference and each year it just gets bigger and better. The venue hotel was the Grange St Paul’s again which is in a great location for some quick tourist shots.

We had a really busy few days, arriving on Thursday and heading to the iGaming Awards which was a really impressive event held at The Brewery.

Friday was mainly taken up with meetings, with a quick trip to the first day of the conference at Old Billingsgate where the expo just gets bigger and more extravagant each year. Again Bodog took over with their huge stand celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Friday evening started with dinner at the OXO tower with our good friend Dave Snyder

and then a very late night in the hotel bar with a really fun crowd. At about 3am it was time to call it a night. Shout out to Jackie Hole – great to meet you finally 🙂

Saturday started at a slow pace, but fortunately Dave wasn’t speaking until 2pm so by then we’d recovered (just about). Dave did a panel session on Panda and how to recover, which ended as an open panel about general SEO and link building, and then Dave carried on with his solo session doing a Q & A.

A couple of meetings later it was time to head to dinner with Kay Schaefer and then another lateish night in the hotel. It always surprises me how time just passes when there is good conversation flowing.

So, looking forward to the next iGaming conference, but as always it great to be back home 🙂

‘A4UExpo Bavarian Beer and Sausage on Stand 50’

So the challenge is on to see who can take the top slot for ‘a4uexpo Bavarian Beer and Sausage on stand 50’ to win the State of Search competition.

I know it won’t be me as Dave is currently hitting the top slot with his post from last week on ‘A4UExpo Bavarian Beer and Sausage on Stand 50’ and there is a surge of new posts on other blogs as well as whole sites being created on exact match domains. I will be heading to A4U next week so will be there no matter what but thought I’d challenge my blog to see what strength it has.

So the theme of the post needs to be about how to get the best out of A4U as a delegate so here are my top tips.

It really helps if you register during the pre-event party as it saves you any hassle the next morning. It also helps so that you can see who people are during the evening and start the networking. I’m not sure yet if anyone has come up with a subtle way of reading a person’s name badge without making it look like you’re reading it .. but if you have let me know. We always meet a lot of new people (and old friends) at conferences and its often hard to remember all the names.

The next tip would be to really watch what you drink at the parties, and make sure you don’t miss dinner. It’s so easy to have far too much to drink if the free bar is flowing, and I’ve regretted this many times, and still will do again no doubt.. but there is totally nothing worse than going to a conference the following morning feeling really rough and stinking of beer.

Combined with the last one I’d suggest that you try to drink plenty of water during the day as you’ll easily dehydrate and be even worse the next day.

Then as many other posts are suggesting do the necessary research before the conference starts as to what sessions that you want to see, the track that you will follow, the possible questions that you may have in a session, and to set up any meetings with people you may have only communicated with on Twitter.

There is the networking too, which everyone says .. just go up to someone and start chatting … but I’d say its not as easy as this, and its one of my worst fears. Fortunately I have Dave who doesn’t network as such, but more like attracts a crowd. Often affiliates are a bit cagey about what sector they work in hoping to protect the niche they may be in, so can be a little secretive .. but you should be able to detect the more welcoming guys.. and Dave and I will chat to anyone 🙂

And last but not least, you must head straight to Stand 50 to get your Bavarian Beer and Sausage and here’s my picture from a session back in April 2009 at Amsterdam … now that was a fun week!

A4uexpo bavarian beer and sausage on stand 50

Back from Barcelona

So we’re back from our quick trip to Barcelona where Dave did his 2 sessions at the Affiliate conference on Saturday, which left us Friday to wander around the city taking in the sights. Below are a few pictures from the trip, and when we return for a family holiday next year we plan to do the main touristy things, but this weekend was more about getting a feel for the city and sunbathing on the roof terrace of the hotel. On the whole Barcelona is an amazing place with the history, the weather and the sea .. the perfect combination.

Barcelona, here we come!

On Thursday, Dave and I will be heading to Barcelona in Spain for the Barcelona Affiliate Conference (BAC) which is a really big conference dedicated to the online gaming space. Dave has a couple of sessions on Saturday where he is speaking but we’re hoping to grab a bit of time, in between meetings, for some sight seeing.

I’m really looking forward to enjoying some sunshine and you can’t beat it when you look at the forecast (so you know what to pack!) and see this

compared to this for Ripon

Trip to San Francisco

So, we’ve just got back from a trip to San Francisco for the SES conference that Dave was speaking at, and since jet lag is playing havoc with my sleeping pattern I thought I’d use the time wisely and get some pictures from our trip onto my blog.

The conference as great as usual and we spent lots of time “talking shop” with lots of old and new friends. We had a couple of days before the conference started to do some sightseeing as well as relaxing. It’s always fun to visit new places but it’s always great to get back home and get some big hugs from the kids. This week away has been the longest we have been away from the kids, and I’m glad we have the weekend to catch up and spend some quality time together before we have to get back to work.

So it started with me and Dave in San Francisco…

The trams that run up and down the hills

Alcatraz … we didn’t do the trip but it was surprising how close to the shore it is

We saw the famous seals at Pier 39… very entertaining

The Golden Gate bridge in the distance with some clouds in the high towers

There were some awesome cars in a convoy of about 150 chilling out on the Sunday afternoon

Here’s a pic of me 🙂

This is the tallest building in San Francisco, the TransAmerican Pyramid… its pretty awesome

This is the view from the View Bar we spent many evenings

On Monday we took a trip to Google to have lunch with Matt Cutts and the spam team. It was great to see inside the GooglePlex and its safe to say that the BroncoPlex is close but still has a long way to go 😉

Then on Tuesday the conference started for Dave’s 3 sessions… Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Then on Thursday evening it was time to start the 24 hours journey home 🙂