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Claiming Expenses in a Company

Since Dave and I started running Bronco over 6 years ago we have always been careful what expenses we have claimed back from the company, and we always make sure that we only claim for items that are needed for the business.

I am so shocked though recently as more information gets revealed about what the MP’s have been doing with their expenses claims. How on earth do such receipts get passed through an accounts department and signed off as ok? Its a total sham and I am glad to see that MP’s are stepping down after their total dishonesty and having to repay the money. I just hope that whichever “committee” is overseeing it makes sure that every last dishonest penny gets repaid. In the REAL world managers or directors wouldn’t be able to put expenses in for random items that are clearly nothing to do with work, so how come the MP’s have been allowed to get away with it, and even senior well respected politicians? I have just found that David Curry, our MP for Skipton and Ripon claimed £131,899 in expenses for the 2007/8 period, and that was on top of his big salary.


I have never been heavily into politics as I think they are too distanced from the REAL world to be able to make good decisions, and as a member of the general public we will always be under their ruling whoever gets into power with very little say. The recent events with their total dishonesty about their expenses, like claiming for mortgage payments when there is no mortgage on the property and things like duck houses, has made me wonder what will happen come the next general election. People were wanting to vote Labour out .. but do we really want the Conservatives in either?

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  • Chis

    I’m not questioning you here Becky, but what’s the reason for you and Dave “only claim for items that are needed for the business”.

    Unless there are other partners involved then what harm would doing otherwise do, apart from save you guys a few quid on tax.

    Only asking as I have no experience in running my own business.

  • Becky

    @Chis the reason being is that as a husband and wife team, according to our accountant we are prime to have the tax man look at us so prefer to stay above board. This stems from the problems they have with some companies where the wife gets paid a big salary for staying at home all day doing nothing within the company.
    Chance would be a fine thing .. except I’d get really bored!

  • Chis

    I see, if only the MPs had thought they might be investigated one day, or they weren’t above the law or better than the rest of us, maybe they wouldn’t be in the mess they are lol

    The way I’ve decided to look at the MP situation is to separate them into two groups, firstly those who made extortionate claims for furnishing, pool cleaning, mower servicing etc. They made a bad call but possibly deserve another chance. But secondly those who actually went out to personally profit from the situation by flipping the second home allowance, avoiding stamp duty, claiming for a non-exising mortgage etc should not hold a position in public office again.

  • Frog

    Hi Becky, I see even you have picked up on the MP expenses fiasco. How can David Curry possibly spend £131,899 in expenses? That’s a lot of Lap Dances I must say, good to see the old guy as still got fire in his belly.

  • James

    I’m just starting up my own business and I’m having to be pretty careful with expenses – I’m not really sure what’s claimable or how “right” it is to claim something like a percentage of my phone contract that’s used for business calls… I can certainly forsee quite a few meetings with the accountant in the coming months!

  • Elaine

    It’s simply about honesty, sleeping at night and gaining respect plus when it comes to a fight the high moral ground is the place to start 😉