My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 has been a great deal of fun so far. It took quite a bit of organising but I think it all came off really well, and I have had a great time. There was of course the build up of getting presents for everyone, as well as making sure the guys at Bronco were treated too.

Christmas started early at Bronco with USB stick presents, selection boxes with their pay slips and Christmas bonuses, lots of tins of chocolate biscuits and mince pies to share, crackers and a Christmas Party at Ripley Castle.

For the Bronco Christmas Party on the 22nd December, there was 14 of us and we were treated to a great night of good food an entertainment at Ripley Castle… with an eventful mini bus ride home 🙂

bronco xmas party

At Ripley Castle we got the best Cracker prizes ever … NOT…

cracker prizes

After the Christmas party we all still had one more day to work, and everyone made it in for just about 9 o’clock which was a big achievement for some! Bacon sandwiches helped everyone feel a bit more alive, but by 3.30pm Dave decided that we would close early which was gratefully received by all. All that was left to do was wait for the Asda delivery to bring all of our Christmas food and to save me having to step foot inside a supermarket. It was a bit late but I’m so glad I booked it.

The plan for Christmas Eve was to get everything ready for Christmas Day, but when I opened the curtains I think Dave and the kids were surprised when I shouted “Oh my God!” .. as there was lots of “Are you alright mum!” coming from the kids. The scene that we awoke to was a winter wonderland…

xmas eve snow

christmas eve snow

There was a slight panic as we had stored the kids Christmas presents at work as they were pretty big so we needed to get to work at least, but that meant digging out the car and trying to make it up the hill to get out of the street. We cleared most of the snow to get Dave’s BMW out but it wouldn’t get up the hill, even with help from the neighbours, so we had to dig out my Honda which managed it. Dave tackled the ungritted snowy streets to get to work as I don’t think the council thought that we would get any snow. He left a mark in the work car park… (cheers Stew for the pic)

Once we had successfully rescued the presents, there was nothing left to do apart from chuck the kids outside to play on the snow. This turned into a snowman building and snowball fight session.


dave and snowman

I made a snow cat … (and won the snowball fight against Miles)

snow cat

Christmas Day came .. and I’ve no idea how the kids always manage to wake up early on Christmas Day when the rest of the year I have to drag them out of bed, but bang on 7am they were awake. We headed down stairs and Santa had been .. the kids were amazed at their pile of presents.

christmas morning

It took a couple of hours to open all of the presents that the kids had got, as they kept stopping to play with the latest one that they unwrapped, then Dave & I opened ours. I was really surprised at my amazing presents and love them to bits.

Once we were all organised, we headed off to Dave’s Mum’s for Christmas dinner, once we had managed to climb the now icey hill leading out of the street. There we met for the first time our new one week old nephew Seth, who had dressed up for the occasion.


Christmas dinner was huge and gorgeous. Kath always makes it look so easy and never stresses over producing a huge meal for loads of people. Seemingly effortlessly out of the kitchen came a big spread of fine Christmas fayre. Once we’d had our fill and enjoyed some Christmas TV we headed home before the ice got worse, and then spent a few hours enjoying the kids new toy, Band Hero on the Xbox360.

band hero

Boxing Day was a really relaxed and lazy day, with the kids playing with their toys and games, some Xbox MW2, a stroll into town to spend some Christmas money and more fine food, followed by stilton and port.

We still have another week off work so I’m looking forward to spending lots of quality time with my family and recharging my batteries for what is likely to be a busy 2010.


  • Chris

    Glad you had a good one, thanks for the party, presents and bonus!

    Is Dave so bad at drums he’s pissed himself?!

  • Becky

    LOL @chris not noticed that before 🙂 I can assure you that he hasn’t had an accident … its those fancy jeans