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Cheap Car Insurance

We all want some of that don’t we … some cheap car insurance!

The way it works out with my car is that my car insurance comes up for renewal on the 7th January which is really annoying as its a really busy time, and the last thing I want to be doing is sifting through all the car insurance companies to find the best deal, juggling different excess amounts and entering your details into all those annoying comparison sites.

Dave’s car is with Direct Line and has been for the last 18 months. We went with them as they were the cheapest at the time and made it really simple to get a quote and get sorted. When my car came up for renewal we thought we’d move from Bell to Direct Line as they advertise the discount for a second car and it would be much easier to have both cars in the same place.

direct line

Our car insurance policies have always been really messed up as Dave’s car is in my name and my car is in Dave’s name. This stems from when we used to just have one car that was insured by Dave that ended up being my car. We always stumble with Data Protection when I’m not allowed to do anything that is in Dave’s name even if its for my car. Really annoying since it tends to be me that sorts out all the household stuff. I mean Dave can never even remember the postcode for the house or my date of birth so he often needs me to speak to them anyway.

Anyway … when we finally got through on the phone, the quote that we got from Direct Line in Dave’s name with 6 years no claims bonus, with the special second car discount, it ended up higher than my renewal with Bell. Perhaps I should have just left my car with Bell… but I don’t like the way they do their sneeky auto renewal without going through all the details again. This left my car not properly insured as Dave’s SP30 never got added at the renewal so I had been driving with invalid insurance – nice one Bell.

While I was on hold with Direct Line as they faffed about getting the price, I filled in the awful GoCompare form to see how much I could save. These car insurance comparison sites always make the insurance look cheap but it’s not really when you start to look at the high excesses they have chucked in, the lack of protection on the no claims and the lack of legal protection. The main problem with the Go Compare form was the amount of detail that they need… which not many people know off hand so are probably driving around with invalid insurance.

So it asks you for the date of the claim or driving conviction. I mean who knows the day/month/year of the claim or conviction. You most likely know the month and year. For instance Dave had a claim on his BMW when a chunk of the multi storey car park at Manchester Airport fell on his bonnet, we’ve no idea what the day was, but know it was September 2007.

Go Compare gave quite a lot of choice but it was hard to see what you were actually getting and I kind of felt the really cheap quotes were not including everything that we needed to try to suck you in. Direct Line on the phone quoted £359.10 which I thought was a little steep really for a 14 month old car, parked on a drive, with 6 years no claims discount and 2 careful drivers on the policy. I decided to go online to Direct Line and filled out the simple form. It only wanted to know if you’d had convictions or claims in the last 3 years and only needed the month and year. The quote form was only a few pages long, unlike Go Compare where you feel that they are collecting every bit of information from you, including shoe size, to sell the information to anyone interested.

The quote online with Direct Line was £295.05, saving £64.05. It seemed TOO cheap… so I rang back up to check and after going through the quote again it was right and the Direct Line guy on the phone could only suggest I bought the policy online. Pretty good really, and worth the hassle. So next time I’ll know that I just need to do the Direct Line quote online to save some time and money.

Note: I don’t normally use Car insurance comparison sites as it drives me mad filling out all the information so it’s not a direct attack at Go Compare, its just the one I went to, and have wasted all evening sorting out car insurance so I’m slightly grumpy. I can only presume that Confused, Meerkat and EverythingSupermarket are all the same.


  • Kean

    Insurance always annoys the hell out of me. Not only can you get one price online and another on the phone but you can get random figures over the phone from different people at different times of the day/week.

    Kinda makes you wish there was a standardised pricing matrix that takes into account all the information so you get the same price no matter where you go.

  • Rory

    Insurance rarely goes on a cars age to make it cheap.

    If its new it has a higher repair value, where as the same car in a older model with more mileage is worth less, so in turn has a lower repair value making it easyier to write off.

    things that alter pricing majorly are job sectors and postcodes

  • fancyAcar

    I hate car renewals too, too much hassle if you ask me but the problem is that if you don’t get as many quotes as possible, you might be paying more for your premiums. On car comparison sites, i found that they tend to make a lot of assumptions and when see an attractive quote and go on the insurer’s website, the quote is likely to change when you input the real data that’s needed.

    Oh and comparison sites do not check all insurers, so you still have to check a few individually.

  • jp

    I entered the same details into a couple of the price comparison sites and got completely different prices from the same insurance companies. I can only think that they all want slightly different information from you and each insurer has different rules based on these differences. But what I do find odd is that the comparison sites are often cheaper than if I use the insurance companies sites I cant see what value the comparison sites are offering, they may work if you want white goods. I agree that direct line can be cheaper if you get a multi vehicle discount.

  • Captain Dofollow

    This is either:

    a) the most boring blog in the world


    b) an excuse to pass page rank from the wife of a man who crusades against black hat.

    *Cough Hypocrite Cough*

  • Becky

    Thanks Captain Dofollow for your insightful comment … nice to see that you hide behind a fake name and don’t give any link to your own blog.

    Passing page rank is the last thing I think about when I write my posts and why would I use my personal blog to help out clients rankings? Why would we need to?

    Oh and you probably think that Direct Line is a client … so I can’t link out to companies who have given me a good service without it being a paid link I presume .. what has the blogging world come to?

  • Sgt Does Sometimes Follow

    Yeah how could he even think that this blog post or any of your others are for SEO purposes.
    Loads of people use the page title “cheap car insurance” to discuss such an interesting topic.
    I think it is a liberty that people would think you would write blog posts for your clients.
    None of the companies you have written about in this blog do you, Dave or Bronco do SEo for.

    We all believe you.