My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby

Chasing cars and puddles

Its been raining for what seems like ages now and today it just rained all day solid. On the way back from the shop I came across a big flood on the road, so took the kids out for a little walk to see some action.

Heading to the flood, Ethan already has water in his wellies!

Excitement looms as we wait for a car to come…

Some cars creeping through the big flood…

Any cars that came through the flood, heading towards us, depending on the amount of splash that they made would get a cheer from the kids. It was really cool that they drivers too were cheering triumphantly and waving at the kids when they made it through.

Then all of a sudden…

and back again …

Hmmm .. I recognise that car!!

Boys will always be boys 🙂


  • judith hunt

    How great fun that was..awesome! I know from experience how the boys love to get wet

  • Richard Hunt

    Who was having the most fun, Ethan and Miles or Daddy?