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Channel 4’s Undercover Boss Series

A new series is starting soon on Channel 4 called Undercover Boss. I reckon its going to be a similar format to The Secret Millionaire which is the show where a millionaire goes under cover to a poor area in the UK, does some work, meets the locals, volunteers with some organisations and charities and then gives money away at the end which will really make a big difference in the community.

The Undercover Boss will be an eye opener I think as to what goes on in large corporations and will be a totally different approach to the normal corporate problem solving of focus groups, surveys and meetings. This will be where the boss goes undercover and poses as a typical employee to mingle with the staff. They will find out all the nitty gritty of what the underlying issues are in the company with an aim to make changes and to improve the staff morale. Staff as a whole have a very big impact on the success of a company which is why having good staff morale is a major target for any boss.

In whatever size company, there is always what is classed as “staff whispers” and it will be hard for these bosses to hear what the guys on the ground are saying in relation to how the company is run without speaking up in the company’s defence. Should be interesting …

Update: the Series starts Thursday 18th June, Channel 4 & Channel 4 HD, 9pm


  • Elaine

    Having worked for Halifax for over 20 years as Union Rep (outspoken Union Rep!) – bosses aren’t interested in the grass roots – just pay lip service to it now and again – as you say will be interesting how they react to no-nonsense opinions.

  • steve benham

    Just watched undercover boss,the episode about the holiday park. fantastic. I think over the next few years were going to see consumers spending a little more to get a better service, I take my hat off to the boss tonight for helping the chef get qualified, There’s so many unseen hero’s out there that carry these bigger companies, With a bit of luck Crealy park in Exeter gets a look at.. did I say that out loud ?

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  • C Thackray-Jones

    The chap running the kitchen single-handed without any formal qualifications must be over the moon to have been given the opportunity to gain qualifications at catering college for one day a week. The big boss told him they would gladly employ him in a years time when the course comes to an end.
    I am left wondering if the guy was offered some alternative employment within the holiday park on his free days? A job maybe where qualifications are not necessary?
    He was a real grafter in that kitchen and did really well. He applied for the job in all innocense and I imagine it was a senior member of the management team (ie food & beverage) who employed him.
    Surely he can be offered some sort of job to earn some cash for his loyalty to the company.

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