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“Calm Down Dear!” says Cameron

Yesterday in Prime Minister’s Questions David Cameron made a remark that seems to have sparked uproar through the Labour party when he told Labour front bencher Angela Eagle to “Calm down dear!” in a Michael Winner style.

I don’t agree that he should have done it and it is very patronising to a fellow MP, and could be classed as sexist but I was more intrigued at the actions and expressions of the two closest people to David Cameron. His fellow Eton chum, George Osbourne was merrily laughing away as if it was some public school boy jibe while Nick Clegg looked all together more serious with a small grin, but on the whole looked a bit ashamed.

calm down dear cameron clegg osbourne

There seems that after a year working as the deputy prime minister as part of the coalition, things aren’t so rosey and I can imagine that Cameron and Clegg are becoming further divided in the Cabinet especially as more issues cause differences of opinion.

Below is the full video of the events from the House of Commons yesterday.