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Bronco Plex Kitchen

So work has carried on this week at the Bronco Plex but there isn’t anything major to show you as its been mainly more electrics and air con fitting going on.

We have made a start though on the new bigger kitchen and here are a few pics on how it was originally

kitchen 1

and how it is at the moment, with quite a way to go.

kitchen 2

We’re turning the sink around 90 degrees to make better use of the space, but its a bit of a pain as there is a water heater installed there too. We’re also making the kitchen area much bigger with the introduction of more cupboards and longer worktops. We are having the doors and side panels for the cupboards made to order from Lark and Larks as they were one of the only places that sold the right blue for the doors and made it easy to get a sample sent.

We are also getting a big drinks fridge from Husky which will serve as a general fridge for water, milk and pop but also to have a good stock of beer for after work. The fridge will be in the kitchen area but will be facing outwards for easy access.

Next week will be a busy week as the kitchen installation continues, we get cracking with the painting, and then the carpet arrives on Friday. Once the carpet is in we can start getting the rest of the fitments in as it all starts to take shape.