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Bronco HQ – 6 weeks in, 4 weeks to go

I am determined to get some better pictures of the work that is being carried out in the new Bronco HQ, but for now I’m sticking to my Blackberry as its still dusty in there. Over the Christmas holidays hopefully I’ll get some decent ones taken with Dave’s EOS.

On Friday the new windows will be going in which will involve opening up the brickwork to the floor, and then on Saturday the new doors get fitted. We’re just starting to do all the networking cabling ourselves and the first fix electrics are going in. The meeting room is nearly finished, and they are just getting the toilets ready to fit out. The custom kitchen units have been done, but are uncover so no pictures of them yet.

This is the view into what will be desked out from the back door

And this is the opposite way, looking towards the accounts office on the left, the cloakroom on the right, and the printer station in the middle. The door will turn into a window and where the window is at the back it will become the door.

This is looking from the front of the building with the kitchen out of view on the back left, the break out area on the back right and the meeting room being worked on, on the right. The corridor then leads down into the office space. The wall on the left that is being painted up will have running along it awesome steel work like you get on shipping containers, with 3 flying broncos! Looking forward to seeing that 🙂

More to come soon…