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Bronco Breakout Building

You may have heard about the second Bronco building that will serve as our staff breakout building for lunchtimes and after work. I’ve already been ordering cool stuff like a pool table with the Bronco logo emblazoned on the cloth, a classic arcade machine with over 350 games as well as a championship dart board. We still have a lot to do in the unit to fit it out, as we have taken it on just as a shell and have had to even run electrics and install lighting. We’ve also got to refit the kitchen so that it’s much bigger and can accommodate a big drinks / beer fridge, as well as get the TV and comfy sofas sorted. We’ve already had other businesses on the business park wanting to pay for membership to the Bronco den!

I’m a real “before” and “after” person when it comes to DIY, or anything where you can see progress and changes, so here are a few pics of the building so far in the early stages of the overhaul.

new build 2
new build 1
new build 3
new build 4

More to follow in a week …