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Black Bag to the Rescue

Over the last couple of weeks I have been starting to feel a little bit disorganised. I don’t think I’ve properly caught up from being away on holiday for a week at the end of May. I hate being in the situation of fire-fighting, but at the moment Bronco is really busy which is great, and we have 3 new exciting SEO clients starting at the beginning of July, plus new staff starting.

Over the last couple of days I have been making a big effort to get tasks done and sent off to potential clients as I hate making people wait for information from me, but I suppose there is only one of me so there has to be a limit to what I can do.

I am feeling really positive about tomorrow and reckon I can get a good deal done. I tend to work late on a Wednesday with my accounts lady so that we can keep everything in check, plus its coming up to the end of the financial year this month so thats busy too. The extra time at work tonight, without the guys around, gave me the opportunity to sort a few things out.


I have a big desk at work as I have lots of trays, folders and piles of paper to keep on top of everything but every so often you need a good clear out. So a black bag came to my rescue tonight and I spent a good hour sorting the work schedules out on the white boards, clearing out my trays and generally sorting my desk out. I have now found lots of space on my desk which has the effect of making you feel more in control than being surrounded by piles of things to do. The key is to try to keep my desk organised and not cluttered with piles of things that I don’t need.

Photography by Gadl