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Being Diagnosed with Spoilt Adult Syndrome

I have had this affliction for a few years now and it’s steadily getting worse. This week I have finally managed to identify the traits and work out a syndrome that matches the feelings that I get in everyday life in common circumstances.

I have labelled my condition as “Spoilt Adult Syndrome”. After discussing my symptoms with a few others it seems that there are a growing number of us out there with a similar condition. Now we have all heard of a child being a “spoilt brat” … typically an only child who has grown up in a world where they get everything they want and if they don’t get what they want they will throw a tantrum until they get what they want.

Now I was far from a spoilt brat … I have an older sister and we had a decent upbringing but certainly not spoilt, or well off. Christmas and Birthdays weren’t lavish, and I would get one main present that often I would have to get for Christmas and Birthday together. My parents split up just before my 11th birthday and we moved 5 times in 4 years before settling in Ripon. When I was 15 I had a part time job at the local pub which earned me a bit of cash at weekends and through school & University holidays. I wouldn’t say it was a hard upbringing but it was nowhere near as good as my kids have got it today.

So it’s not as if I was a spoilt brat and have now turned into a spoilt adult, but I just think circumstance has made me have Spoilt Adult Syndrome. Some of the typical causes of being a Spoilt Adult is having a decent amount of disposable income, having a steady and stable career – whether it’s owning a successful company or working for a successful company, living in a decent area in a nice house or flat, being able to afford to go out for meals occasionally, and generally having good prospects for the future (so generally a very good life really).

But one of the key reasons we will contract the Syndrome is being so used to living and working in a high speed environment like the Internet where everything happens in an instant that you have control of, with access to information on anything and everything at the click of a button. The Internet is all about Speed, Efficiency, Service and Choice.

My Spoilt Adult Syndrome really kicks in “offline in the real world” when my high expectations for good service and quality, that I am used to getting online are shattered, and where there is very little choice. I tend to always be in a hurry with lots of things to do at work and home and just can’t stand inefficiency, and get frustrated at people’s lack of attention in the service industries. A lot of this is to do with working so hard on customer service from my company’s point of view, only to be in big brand stores, hotels or restaurants on the high street only to be failed by the staff.

If you don’t identify that you have Spoilt Adult Syndrome and learn to correct your whole outlook on life and actually appreciate everything that you really have got around you, it can lead to a downward spiral of misery I think. I haven’t got there yet but I will be making sure now that if when I am at a supermarket checkout and the assistant is slow and uncourteous I won’t leave the shop feeling annoyed wanting to complain to the manager, or if I walk into a car showroom with the intention of buying a new car just to get ignored by the sales assistants I won’t leave vowing never to buy the brand again, or if I am sat in a waiting room watching the time tick by wondering why I even bothered making an appointment and thinking I should just leave I’ll just sit back and relax a bit.

And instead I will wear a badge to let everyone know that I’ve got “Spoilt Adult Syndrome”!
I hope it’s not just me that has Spoilt Adult Syndrome as I may need to go and see a therapist LOL 🙂


  • Sally

    This is so true …. I have been getting more and more frustrated over the last few years in offline situations and I thought I was just getting grumpy. Thanks for the diagnosis… I really think the fact that online we can get everything quickly and efficiently really raises your expectations of service in the real world.

  • Elaine

    You’ve so hit the nail on the head, that’s something I have to watch all the time, although I put it down to getting older!! – which is not the case wth you.

    Mind you, I’m not telling Dave I’ve got Spoilt Adult Syndrome!

  • George T

    I think what we all have to do is take a step back when we are offline and in the real world and just relax a bit. We all live at such a fast pace that sometimes it’s good to chill out a bit. When ever I go to Spain on holiday it can be bad for the first few days as the service is so much slower than in the UK. I initially get frustrated, then remind myself that its ok to spend a few hours over a relaxing meal, and to not act spoilt 🙂