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Being a Flexible Business

Being a business that is as flexible as possible is something that we aim for at Bronco, not only for the staff but for the clients too. I have done quite a few posts about how to keep staff happy which revolves a lot about being flexible, but it is something that is very important to our client relationships too.

When I am communicating with potential clients I often hear myself repeating the same things and one of the things I often say is that we don’t have a set package or pricing plan, and that we can fit into how you want to work. We don’t impose our set processes on customers as businesses are different from how they run things in house and to how they measure success. This is relevant for both the SEO clients that we have right through to the web development projects that we do. I did a recent post on knowing your budget and one thing we try to do is fit into a company’s budgets and aim to grow with them. If they have great successes online then we will do too by retaining the client, getting golden referrals from that happy client and often get more budget allocated to the account.

But being flexible with the approach is so important. Dave always talks about our in-house team, including the SEO’s and development team, becoming a part of the clients in house team when we are working on an SEO project… a bit like the SAS, a crack team of experts. But our approach will totally differ when we are working for instance with a large web company who have their own SEO and link building team in-house, to a client who will leave all of the SEO to us but maybe have their own web development team, to a client who uses us for SEO and has a third party development company, to a company that uses us for SEO but we have also developed their site. There is no preference as to the type of client that we have as long as we can fit in with their expectations and meet their goals that shows success for them.

Since we have a relatively small team and have been given the title of a boutique agency we can quickly change processes to fit in with a clients requirements and adapt our internal processes very quickly. Basically because it is myself who organises everyone, yes including Dave, I can quickly act and get the right people working on a project and everyone has grown with Bronco to be able to quickly adapt. I suppose the bigger you get with tiers of management the harder it is to change a process that has had to be put in place to coordinate a large portfolio of clients and a large set of staff so that everyone knows what their role is. There has to be an ABC process but quite often the ABC process doesn’t work as you actually need to carry out A and B, but then jump straight to E before you carry out C .. if that makes sense.

It kind of sounds like our approach is disorganised but I believe that being flexible works for the clients that we work with and means that we can deliver strong results quickly and implement new strategies quickly. Well at least our approach really reflects our company strapline… “There’s always a solution”.