My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby

Barcelona in October

I’m a bit behind with my blog posts but I’m planning on getting caught up and sharing the places we have recently been and what we have been up to. So at the beginning of October we headed over to Barcelona for the iGaming Affiliate Conference where Dave was speaking. This was a week after Dave got back from SEOktoberfest and happened to be suferring from an onset of gout so was hobbling, so there was no sightseeing on the agenda. Here are a few shots of the few days we had away.

This is the view of Barcelona from the hotel


We pretty much got entrenched at the little tapas bar across the road from the venue hotel, the Fira Palace and the conference centre. One of my favourite pastimes is people watching so it was a great vantage point.


Here’s Dave doing his stuff


and then getting interviewed by CalvinAyre after the session


When we were there we had a couple of great meals out. The first night we went to a lovely restaurant where they physically showed you all the dishes on the specials menu before you ordered. It was like a beauty parade of plates of food, very bizarre. The next night we went to an amazing Italian restaurant which has the Barcelona team as regular diners, and the only place I know that sells a Nutella calzone!


It was a quick and expensive visit to the Barcelona shop in the airport before heading home


to arrive to Miles in a plaster cast after fracturing his elbow doing rugby training!


Another great trip to Barcelona for the third year running. Here’s when we went in 2011 and 2012.