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Banksy vs Bristol Museum

This weekend we went to Bristol specially to go and see the Banksy Exhibition at the Bristol Museum. The kids were being looked after by their grandparents so it was a great opportunity to jump on a train and head to Bristol.

The Banksy Exhibition is in the Bristol Museum and he has pretty much taken over it. If anyone saw my Twitter feed on Saturday afternoon you will have seen that I mentioned that it was like a bit of a treasure hunt trying to find the next Banksy piece of art. Banksy had a couple of dedicated rooms in the museum soley for him, but then he had infiltrated the rest of the museum with his art. The museum in Bristol, even without the Banksy pieces, would have been an intertesting place but to see Banksy art tucked away in a pretty normal museum cabinet was pretty cool.

Below is a selection of my favourite parts to the exhibition, but it was pretty cool when you are in quite a crowded place but everyone around you is happy and having a bit if a chuckle when they see the next piece of art.