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Banksy Versus Bristol Museum

For a good few years now Dave and I have been big fans of Banksy and now have quite a few books under the coffee table with pictures of Banksy art in it. We often find ourselves with the kids looking at graffiti when we go on trains into big cities. Some graffiti can be classed as art and the good graffiti is very skilled, especially Banksy art. I even used a Banksy picture last week in a blog post about Tesco, he did a brilliant piece using a Tesco carrier bag as a flag.

At the end of the month we are planning on taking a trip to Bristol to the new Banksy Exhibition at the Bristol Museum. He is originally from Bristol and has managed to organise the whole exhibition with very few people knowing about it. Apparently the Bristol City Council didn’t know the real reason why the museum was closed. Still his identity is a mystery and has to stay underwraps as there are a number of police cases against him by now, but he was part of the crew apparently who set up the exhibits. Banksy has taken over the museum and integrated his unique art and outlook of life alongside the traditional pieces. There’s a promo video on YouTube that shows some of the pieces on display which is good.


The hard part is actually getting to Bristol from Ripon. Our nearest mainline train station is York, and nearest airport is Leeds/Bradford. Travelling by train or plane will set you back about £400 with the train taking 4 hours and the plane only doing evening flights, its a bit ridiculous, so I reckon we’re going to drive to Bristol which should take about 4 hours. It will be well worth it I reckon though to see the exhibition which runs for 12 weeks until the end of August.