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Back to Being a Call of Duty Widow

So the latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) was released on the 8th November and my life again is revolving around helicoper attacks and machine gun sounds as Dave and the kids try to get as much game play as possible to level up and prestige. Evenings often involve Xbox Live sessions with guys from Bronco too so there isn’t a day in the office that doesn’t go by without talk of MW3 (or Battlefield3). I did a post 2 years ago now on being a MW Widow, but I have either got more tolerant, or embraced the game more.

Today I found a cool infographic that just demonstrates how popular the series of games is, and I’m really surprised just how fast the games sell. I know Dave was up at 6am on the day of release to get to Sainsbury’s early opening to get 2 copies. It also just shows how expensive the equipment is that they use in “real life” wars.. its pretty vast, and its great to see that the game company support the US Forces so well.

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