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BA Strike Action

Update 12th March:
The strikes will take place on the 20th March for 3 days (20th, 21st & 22nd) and then from the 27th March (27th, 28th, 29th & 30th) for 4 days.
BA at the moment state that all flights will operate as normal at the moment

This is one search result I’ll be watching like a hawk over the next 24 hours as the talks have broken down between BA and Unite.

ba strike

We have booked to fly to New York on the 20th March from Newcastle via Heathrow for SES New York. The earliest that the strikes can start is next Thursday 18th and could go on for 2 weeks. There is a meeting tomorrow at 12pm at the Unite head office to decide on the strike dates.

Personally I think it is all totally ludicrous as the cabin crew will end up without a job at all if BA go bust due to the massive losses that it has month on month. At the moment it is not a viable business and the very last thing they need is to lose trust in the public. If they do strike and the flights to New York are cancelled I think next time we have to fly, BA will be our last choice of airline.

SideNote: Not sure how I managed to get 2 slots in the real time search with the same tweet?


  • Richard

    Your best bet for New York might have been KLM from Newcastle a great service and good times as well.

  • Becky

    Dave avoids going via Amsterdam to get to the USA as last time he did that as it worked out as the best option he spent 3 hours in the US passport control / security as they thought he must have stopped at Amsterdam for drugs!
    Just keeping fingers crossed at the moment and hope that if they do strike they will keep the Heathrow – New York flights running.

  • Richard 2

    We are traveling to Australia with our 2 young sons on Thursday 18th. I have taken and extra day off so that we can travel earlier if possible. I hope you get to New York ok. We have been planning this trip for 3 years and my wife is now very stressed and worried.

  • Alex

    What is annoying me is that fact that they won’t announce dates until the last minute, which really punishes the customers who could at least make alternative arrangements. Apart from that I have no sympathy for them as we have all had to accept cuts in our pay etc due to the recession, why should they be any different?

    Anyway, our trip is just a short trip to London, which we will cancel if we have to. If I had a trans-Atlantic trip cancelled because of this I’d be livid. Hope it works out OK for you.

  • Becky

    Update on our flights … totally typical that the BA strikes start on the day that we are due to fly to New York .. thanks very much cabin crew – you’re really doing an awesome job at disrupting lots of people’s lives.
    So I’ve taken the decison to rebook with Continental Airlines out of Manchester on the same dates and requested a full refund from BA. If I didn’t get a refund now then the only thing I’d be offered if the flights were cancelled would be to rebook .. but unfortunatly BA you’ve just lost another customer for good.

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