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ASDA Home Delivery Follow Up

I did a post on Friday about my order with ASDA Home Delivery in an attempt to try to move away completely from Tesco, as I had become quite dependant on them for delivering all the supplies to work every couple of weeks.

I had booked the ASDA delivery for between 10am and 12pm on Saturday. The delivery cost was £5.50 which is the same to Tesco. One thing I find slightly annoying is waiting for the delivery but its not a major problem, I’d just like to know a smaller timeslot for when the driver will be with you. It would be good if you could get a text in the morning to confirm the delivery and to give you a 10 minute slot or something.

Anyway the driver turned up about 11.30 and he offered to bring everything into the house, but Dave and I helped unload all of the goodies I had ordered. The driver was really friendly and jolly which makes a difference. Everything turned up as I ordered without any substitutes, the only thing that was missing was a 77p pack of jacket potatoes. I really couldn’t be bothered to call the customer services about the missing item, but I’m sure if I had they would have refunded the cost or redelivered.


So, I’m pleased to say that I have found a perfect alternative now to Tescos, which makes me feel a little better that I am not feeding the giant anymore … just feeding another one! 🙂

Photograph by markhassize11feet