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Are Companies Still Investing in Team Building?

One of the main components of a successful company that I strongly believe in is a strong team. At Bronco, Dave and I are lucky that the guys are a great bunch and we are very close as a company. We have to sometimes work hard to keep it all together but treating the staff right helps keep morale and motivation high in the workplace. Tonight we are all going on a company night out to Ripon Races to take in some horse racing so we can all let our hair down, as it were, for a few hours which should be good.

With all the problems with the economy at the moment, as we try to drag ourselves out of the recession, its important to keep a team together. A few months ago we were taken on by one of the leading team building activity venues in the UK, who needed their website completely redesigning to help them catch as much of the market share. One thing that we all agreed on is that even though companies will be cutting their budgets for the corporate entertainments and fun stuff, if they have recently been through a merger or a set of redundancies they would need to re-form their core teams and what better way than a structured team building event that doesn’t have to cost the earth.


Camp Hill is an amazing place, and during the planning phase for the website I got to have a guided tour around the 170 acre estate by the owner Robert, and even got to go around the 4×4 off road course. Its a brilliant place and because it is all set in the grounds of the Camp Hill house everything that you need for team building is onsite and there is even accommodation. Some of the cool things they have are the laser combat, plane crash, raft build, high ropes, quad bikes, rage buggies, crate build, archery, clay pigeon shooting and even tank driving. They have instructors that are trained in team building and will make sure the group utilises the members to the full ability, so that everyone appreciates the individual roles that people play in a company.


In a typical company it is often the sales team that get all the glory, with commissions and bonuses for the sales that they make. They often don’t appreciate that the support workers are as valuable to the company as they are, even down to the guy in the warehouse packing the goods or a sales support person who processes payments. In Bronco we don’t have “sales people” as its myself and Dave who do the sales/proposals and the initial client interaction so we can ensure that each member of the team is appreciated for their individual worth.

Anyway if you think that your company or department could do with a day out of the office to really bond and for their skills to be put to the test in a motivational environment then the perfect place would be to go to Camp Hill. Even if you didn’t know what would suit your team their staff just tailor the day to meet the company objectives. Oh and the new website that we built is pretty cool too and it just launched last week with lots of new functionality. Check out the Interactive Map too which shows the location of the different activities on the estate.