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Another Great Break at Centerparcs

We’ve been to Centerparcs 6 times now and still love it. As the kids get older we can do more activities with them and have lots of fun.

Back in 2005, Ethan was 3 and Miles was nearly 5 when we went to Whinfell Forest, and I remember it being very tiring

In 2006 they were dashing around on their bikes but stopping to look at an occasional squashed frog

We gave Whinfell a miss for a couple of years as the lodges were in need of a proper refit and I still have recollections of the really hard lumpy bed that we ended up with and a bit of bad service which put us off. But we gave it another go in 2009 back at Whinfell in the new style lodges and it was all good again. The kids are growing up and Miles in now nearly 9 and Ethan is 7.

This is from 2010 when we switched to Sherwood Forest, on one of the many bike rides.

In 2011 we were back at Sherwood Forest for a second year ready to tackle the rapids again which are awesome, but do break you a bit

And here we are again at Sherwood Forest from 2012 (well just this weekend)

Now that the kids are older with Ethan being 10 and Miles nearly 12, we were able to do loads of things. This year as well as getting bikes for the long bike rides we played badminton, went swimming a few times, did target archery in the woods, played squash, the kids did quad biking, did 10 pin bowling a couple of times, ate and drank lots and stayed up late 🙂

Since I’m uber organised I have already got a break booked for next July, and this time we’re heading back to Whinfell for a change. Looking forward to it already!


  • minty

    Hi there, love seeing the photos through the ages, still all as good looking as ever! Looking forward to seeing you all at the weekend x

  • Richard Hunt

    Great photo’s nice to see back through the ages, seeing you later when you visit St. James’s

  • kelvin collins


    Good post.

    Miles looks like he should be getting a job soon.


  • ben

    Is the guy with the camera on day release 🙂 ??

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