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Another Graze box on the way

There is something about the prospect of getting something through the post, even if it is some healthy food that you have ordered. The difference with the Graze boxes is that every week (or every delivery) you get something different and each time its a surprise. This must be my 4th week now getting a Graze box and I have just been notified that my box is on its way and I am going to be getting:


fresh pineapple, bakewell tart which is a mixture of cherry raisins, cranberries and almonds (which sounds delicious) and cashew nuts (which are my favourite nut). So tomorrow I’ll be waiting for Mr Postie to come with my box of nutritious snacks.

If you have been putting off trying out Graze then I really suggest that you give it a go, and you can even get a free box by using HBZJFTL. If you don’t like it you can cancel, but I’m well and truly hooked!


  • just Guido

    The concept sounds really nice. And their website has plenty of tasty images.

    I’d have my doubts about ‘fresh’ fruit being posted to you unrefrigerated though. Let us know how the pineapple works out!

    I recall a former colleague in the UK getting a fresh box of mixed veg from a local farm delivered to his doorstep every week. I like stuff like that, fresh and healthy made simple.

    Is the all day munching working out for you as good as a regular lunch normally would?

  • Becky

    When the fresh fruit comes its fine. Its fresh and sealed in the container. The pineapple came with a small cold pack that was sat on top of the box, i presume to keep it cool. Its was all delicious especially the bakewell tart.

  • Helen Little

    I have been receiving Graze boxes for three weeks, now, and I can fully recommend the whole concept. It is a surprise every time your box is delivered. The nuts and fruit simply taste so good, compared to buying in a supermarket. You are in control of your deliveries, as and when required. I can thorougly recommend.

  • diannemiddleton

    i want to cancel my orders from now dont send me any more boxes as i will send them back to you and not pay for them